Primavera 2011 | Sesión 5 :: Videoarte: silencio, cuerpos y territorios

Esta sesión estará dedicada al género video-arte. ¿Desde dónde nace la necesidad de producir una pieza de videoarte? ¿Qué distingue el videoarte del cortometraje? ¿Qué se narra en video que no puede plasmarse en otro formato? ¿Cómo se inscriben estos relatos en la escena cultural y visual contemporánea? ¿Qué narra el desnudo hoy en estas pinturas móviles? ¿Cómo se dibujan el espacio y el tiempo en la paleta audiovisual? ¿Dónde pisan los sujetos, los animales, desde dónde brotan las palabras?


PROGRAMACIÓN | Proyección de audiovisuales


Manuela Viera-Gallo (Chile-New York)

The Cannibal


David Cardona (Colombia-Buenos Aires)

Cántica (8mm)


Mookie Tenembaum (Argentina-Buenos Aires)

1. Recycling II


2. Paranoia


Julieta Maria (Colombia-Toronto)

1. Plant


2. Bird


3. Soil


Andres Burbano (Colombia-California)

On Promiscuity of Languages


Alejandro Moreno (Chile-New York):

1. Meritoria


2. La vagina de Laura Ingalls

Rocío Pichón-Rivière y Romina Pistacchio




“A work of art is a confession” (Camus);

“Art is always and everywhere the secret confession, and at the same time the immortal movement of its time” (Marx).’

My artistic practice appears diverse, fantastic and darkly comical; presenting an eclectic body of work, it has turned in the latest years, into an interest in experimenting with the reaction, and direct relation of the public with the work of art, as the ultimate depiction of social-politic relationships.

Born during my parents’ exile in Rome, my point of view has been since then, strongly shaped by the social and political violence that has affected the history of most Latin American countries, and my personal history of permanent migration and cultural itinerancy.

I work with a wide range of medias, an assortment that can’t be utilized without a sense of absurdity and a fantastic and humoristic tone. Combined with a radical view with extremely pure and raw settings and materials, suggesting austere means and natural handcrafted procedures, my work is presented with a sense of devoted dedication.


David Cardona nació en Colombia, Viajo a la Argentina donde estudio en la Universidad de Buenos Aires, y realizo sus trabajos audiovisuales, actualmente vive en la isla Nossa Senhora do Desterro, Brazil.

Filmografía / Filmography:
Uruguay-Festival Piriapolis de pelicula-Algo bonito
Argentina/MUNGUAU-Muestra Tigre-La sequía de las flores
Argentina/Festival de cine underground-Algo Bonito-Cantica
Argentina/Ciclo CineU-Algo bonito

ALGO BONITO-Largometraje
Argentina/FESTLATINO-Algo bonito

Italy/ PRIMA AZIZ /Palermo Italia/Mención especial del jurado-Tenue
especial del jurado-Tenue

Argentina/V Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente de la ciudad de Buenos Aires-Tenue
France/VIDEOFORMES-Paisaje en emergencia
Croacia/SPLIT Film Festival-Paisaje en emergencia
Colombia/Festival De Cine De Bogota-BOGOCINE-Tenue
Argentina/Ciclo Cine Y Ciudad en el MARQ-Paisaje en emergencia
Argentina/Muestra de Nuevos Talentos del Diseño Argentino-Tenue

France/Fenyrok Fesztivalsa Internacional Visual Art Festival-MEDIAWAVE-Paisaje en emergencia
España/Festival Internacional de Filmets de Badalona-Paisaje en emergencia
España/Festival y Jornadas de Realizadores Latinoamericanos-Paisaje en emergencia


Born in Argentina, Mookie Tenembaum is an artist, lawyer, and inventor specialized in the Web. He attended Law School at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and specialized in Anthropology at Temple University of Philadelphia. As a lawyer, he was also district attorney of the city of Jerusalem. During the 90s he decided that some of his ideas could only be created and developed through art, especially art related to new technologies. Therefore, during the past years, Mookie has concentrated specifically on reflecting on the different problems related to the State by means of creating new-media works, especially on-line pieces. Currently, Mookie is working on pieces having to do with the different social and ideological problems of Argentina, developing projects such as “Genesis”, which, by means of an on-line system which generates “trusts” with the status of juridical persons, it reveals how the State presents “traps” in their formulation and efficiency, which are not easily readable for most citizens. With this type of projects, Mookie makes them visible, strongly criticizing the State apparatus ruling Latin America. Chasing utopic goals, Mookie proposes social reinvention and, as a consequence, re-foundation. His compasses in such an aim are George Orwell, J.J. Rousseau, and John Locke’s theories, as well as minarchist ideas. An expert on the Internet and new technologies, Mookie is a member of FiRE (Future in Review) an annual event that gathers one hundred people from all over the world to discuss the likely penetration of the latest technological innovations and their impact on a not so far away future. He also founded United Virtualities, a company of on-line systems, and created over twenty on-line technologies, such as Ooga Ooga (Explorer’s tool bar), Schvitzer (an intelligent text highlighter), and Yachne (a 3D animated messenger).

In 2008, his art piece “Paranoia” was awarded the highest prize in the official National Salon of Visual Arts, the most prestigious award in Argentina.

Recent more important Exhibitions

Palais de Glace, National Salon of Visual Arts, “New technologies”, 2008

ArtexArte Gallery, “Illicit Associations” solo exhibition, 2009

Centro Cultural Recoleta, “No” solo exhibition, 2010

ArtexArte gallery, “Desillusionism” solo exhibition, 2010

Recent Performances


By means of an unfulfilled civil marriage ceremony the artist shows the interference of the State in people’s private lives.


The artist organized a demonstration in front of the Argentine National Congress, with banners, flyers and announcements over loudspeakers demanding the prompt derogation of the law of gravity


Julieta Maria is a Colombian, Toronto based new media artist with a background in computer science and visual arts. She works with video and interactive installations to explore issues like migration, memory, transcendence and personal history in a poetic way. She uses technology to provide the audience with an intimate space for reflection. Julieta is currently interested in nonlinear narratives and the convergence between history and the personal. Her video work has been shown in several venues in Toronto, Colombia and the U.S. She has been actively working with artistic organizations, being a founding member of e-fagia, a collective working in new media arts, and a member of the board of directors of aluCine Festival, International Latin film and video festival in Toronto.


2007 XPACE Gallery. “Findings”. Group show: Alternate transmissions. Toronto.
2007 Ushuaia Bienal del Fin del Mundo. Argentina.

2006 Digital Event(o). Internet project “e-sky”.
2006 Propeller Centre for the Arts. “February”. Group show: X-Margins.
2006 Salvador Allende Festival for Peace at Harbourfront. “Fissures”. Group show: Un/I.
2006 McCleave Lineage Tour, McCleave Gallery. “Semites”.

2005 Salvador Allende Festival for Peace. “Fissures”. Group show: Idiomática.
2005 Alucine Film and Video Festival Installations.

2004 Eleanor Winters Art Gallery, York University. “Until the light”. Solo show.
2004 Romero House. Contact Festival. “Song for a Journey”. Group show: “Bordering on Hope.”


2007  Latin American Film Festival, University of Pittsburgh, PA. USA
2007  Biennale Interactiva. Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.
2007  Alucine Festival, Toronto.

2006  Toronto Arab Film Festiival.

2003  Cine Accion, San Francisco Latino Film & Digital Video Festival. USA.


2006 Recipient of the grant for media arts: emerging, from the Ontario Arts Council.

2003 Recipient of the York University Continuing Student Scholarship


Andres Burbano is currently a PhD candidate of Media Arts and Technology at University of California Santa Barbara.
“Burbano, originally from Colombia, explores the interactions of science, art and technology in various capacities: as a researcher, as an individual artist and in collaborations with other artists and designers. Burbano’s work ranges from documentary video (in both science and art), sound and telecommunication art to the exploration of algorithmic cinematic narratives. The broad spectrum of his work illustrates the importance- indeed, the prevalence- of interdisciplinary collaborative work in the field of digital art.”

Some exhibitions and shows


- At Arte Mov. With “Bi Ciclos” – Locative Media Performance in the public space. Sao Paulo, Brazil
- At ISEA2010. Convenor –with Andreas Broeckmann- of the “Latin American Forum” at ISEA2010. Dortmund, Germany.
- At Media Lab Prado. With “Dos Ciclos” – Locative Performance in the public space. Madrid, Spain.


- At Beta Version. With “Two Cycles” – Locative Media Performance in the public space. Geneva, Switzerland.
- At ISEA2008. With “Opening Source” – Project presentation. Singapore, Singapore.
- At AUDO. With “Pure Noise” – Project presentation. West Lafayette, USA.

- At Glynn Vivian Gallery – Displaced. With “Opening Source” – Installation. Swansea, UK.

- At Salon Nacional de Artistas. With “Excavation” – Installation-. Bogotá, Colombia.
- At Salon Regional de Artistas. With “Telegrama” – Mobile phones intervention. Tunja, Colombia.

- At Ars Electronica, Living in Paradox. With “Quiasma Project”. Linz, Austria.

- At ISEA2004. With “Quiasma Project”, Tallinn, Estonia.
- At ZKM. With “Ways of Neuron”, Karlsruhe, Germany.

Recent awards 

2010- Telefonica Prize in the VIDA13 media arts event for the project “New Dunites”. Project with Solen Kiratli. Madrid, Spain.

2009- Colfuturo funding for advanced Phd studies. Bogota, Colombia.

2008- University of California Santa Barbara grad division scholarship, funding for 5 years PhD. California, USA.

2007- Fullbright scholarship to start a PhD program in the USA. Colombia/USA.

2004- Nominated to Global Crossing Prize. Leonardo Journal. USA. - Nominated to Media Art Prize. With “Ways of Neuron” ZKM, Germany.


Alejandro Moreno Jashés, born in 1975 in Santiago, Chile, is a playwright and video artist.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in art from the Universidad de Chile, a Master’s Degree in Advanced Specialization in Hispanic Philology from the Instituto de la Lengua Española in Madrid, and a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing from New York University. He is presently pursuing a PhD. in Spanish Language and Literature at the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at New York University.

He has been an international playwright-in-residence at the Royal Court Theatre in London and Casa de América in Madrid.

He is the author of more than fifteen theatrical works, among them La amante fascista (The fascist lover), Norte (North), Johnny deep (Juanito profundo), La vagina de Laura Ingalls (The Vagina of Laura Ingalls), La mujer gallina (The hen woman), Berlín no es tuyo (Berlin is not yours) and others.

His works have been translated into English, Mapundungú, German, Italian, French and Portuguese.

As a video artist he is the author of La cura (The cure), Meritoria, Homemade, El sacrificio (The sacrifice), Leila a un milímetro de mí (Leila, a millimeter away from me), Laura, Johnny Deep, Las troyanas (The Trojan women), La Chata, and others. All have been exhibited at various galleries and museums.

He lives and works in New York.

Crítica Latinoamericana
Crítica Latinoamericana

Crítica Latinoamericana es un colectivo de investigación e intervención críticas que crea espacios -reales, virtuales, imaginarios, sociales, comunitarios, textuales, etc.- para activar la reflexión acerca de los problemas de la cultura latinoamericana. Desde 2009 ha organizado actividades de muy diverso tipo: encuentros temáticos con invitados, grupos de discusión, entrevistas públicas, ciclos de cine, etc. En septiembre de 2012 lanzó su plataforma online, Crí